Sunday, April 14, 2013

My name is Slacker!

Yelp I am Slacker.  One who thinks, oh I should be doing this or that.  And low and behold it is April 14th and I have not even posted a picture here lately.  Slacker I am.

Not much has been going on other than I have been having a hoot with my 'Year of the Giraffe' class.  Last month we had to make stuff giraffes.  I created three.  I will post pictures later.  Still not sure how to upload from Flickr to the post I am typing right now.  This month is has been cartoons, inventions, this coming week a haiku and the last week a story about a giraffe.  Was hoping to come up with a little story in the style of Seuss.  But I shall see what comes out once I start creating it.


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