Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Fine Day to Begin

November, is a good month to start fresh.  I decided to begin this blog over again.  Gone are all my previous posts, gone are all of my what ifs.  What I plan now for this blog, is that I really do not know what I will be talking about.  Not sure if I will talk.  I am still seeking to find myself.  I still find myself too critical about my works.  I also need a fresh start in my little studio.  It is a mess.  Maybe I will post a picture of my chaos.  I find it so hard to get rid of items, that I think I might want to use one day.  I really need two separate spaces.  One for painting, drawing etc. and one for sewing, crocheting and felting.  But then I am thankful for my little space I have, because when I lived in Germany, I did not have my own personal space.  Time to visit my space.