Monday, February 18, 2013

Full shot of giraffe.

  by wiggy81
, a photo by wiggy81 on Flickr.

My Mix Media giraffe

  by wiggy81
, a photo by wiggy81 on Flickr.


Ahh!  Today is President's Day and I have the day off.  Slept in a little.  Ran the vacuum over the bedrooms while my husband is at the gym, then I was drawn to the computer and started reading Carla Sonnheim's blog.  I started back in 2007 and started skimming over her posts.  I have taken a few classes of hers and I wanted to learn a bit more about this wonderful artist.  I so can relate to her past posts.

Now to the Giraffe class, I have been having a few roadblocks this month.  This month we were to create mix media giraffes.  I start working on one and then it ends in the trash.  LOL, I have created one that I really like.  I have put it the side because I am not completely finish with it, but I do not want to mess it up.  I have a few ideas on how to finish it.

Well, need to finish vacuuming and get a shower.  Hubby will be home soon and we have a morning date.


Now, I need to learn how to add pictures!

Friday, February 1, 2013

February, Already??

I cannot believe that today is February 1st.  My how time flies.  Today the other artists and I received our next assignment from Carla Sonnheim today.  We are going to work on mix media giraffes.  I cannot wait till I can get home and dabble in all the different mediums I have to work with.  When I think of mix media giraffes, one in particular pops into my head, it is a work by Elizabeth Hilaire Nelson.  She creates paper paintings and they are wonderful.  She had posted some of her older work recently and one was of a giraffe.  It was beautiful.  In fact I admire her work so much, I just recently purchased a small piece from her.  I have it hanging in my studio with some other art from my friend Kim Hambric.  Kim has worked in fabric and now is focusing more on mix media herself.  There are so many artists that inspire me.  These are just a few.  They all have blogs and when I become a bit more blog savvy, I will be able to add their links.

Go check these ladies out.